Karumba Community Anglers Classic

April 1st, 2nd, 3rd 2016

Kac-restock-logoIt’s on again in April—the Karumba Community Anglers Classic will be held the weekend after Easter 1st, 2nd, 3rd April. Once again the Gulf Barramundi Restocking Association along with other not for profit local community groups will be managing the event.

We are very pleased to say Karumba Lodge Hotel has continued as our major sponsor and the events main base for the weekends activities including nominations from 11am to 8pm on Friday 1st April and the event presentations on Sunday 3rd April from 6.30pm. In between there will be fishing, fun, food and hopefully a truly enjoyable weekend for locals and visitors alike.

As in 2015 the Senior and Junior Barramundi categories will be ‘Catch & Release’ only—relying on an honesty and photographic system, as a response to continued drought and associated challenging environmental and economic circumstances, as well as working to focus more attention on our GBRA slogan “Fish for a Fishing Future”.

While the Karumba Community Anglers Classic has established itself as a truly significant event in the Gulf annually, it is always good to keep in mind the event is also an important community fundraiser for not for profit groups in Karumba. All nett proceeds in 2016 will be equally shared with those groups and organisations helping, supporting and engaged in presenting the event.

A fundamental aspect of this event is the ongoing commitment and support it receives from businesses and organisations locally and regionally each year. Without these donations, sponsorships and support there simply would be no event nor any funds raised going directly back into the community.

In addition we appeal to the numerous companies who supply us weekly with our business requirements, industry support, products and more – we would appreciate your generosity in further supporting our community  once again whether it be in prize format, monetary to assist in the running of the event or some other option.

Therefore we seek your support and commitment to this years KCAC through donation of cash or prize packages for categories, sponsorship of event categories for Junior and Senior nomination prizes, manpower/volunteer time to assist us over the weekend of the event—or any other way in which you might like to be involved and support us in our efforts.

How will we recognize and promote your generous donation/sponsorship and support this year:-

  • Business name and logo to be included on all media releases, flyers and promotional material
  • Business name and logo to be included on the Karumba website
  • Business name to be used in our Event Facebook Page—’Gulf Barramundi Restocking Association’
  • Opportunity to display banners, posters, brochures plus if you are interested you can hold information sessions on your business, product, organization or service over the weekend of 1st—3rd April, 2016
  • Attachment of business brochure and/or business card to participant nomination package
  • Promotion of business name/logo during awards presentations on Sunday 3rd April
  • Invitation to business representative to be involved in the award presentations on 3rd April
  • Certificate of support
  • Sponsors are invited to attend and participate in all activities for the weekend
  • Perpetual trophies, business name/logos will be displayed leading up to the event at the Karumba Lodge Hotel and through the weekend of the event and perpetual trophies may be displayed in various local locations throughout 2016
  • Event results report printed in Gulf Chronicle along with Sponsor names and results provided to Courier Mail and other newspaper outlets

What to do next

if you are interested, need more information, would like to help in some way or to confirm your donation or sponsorship (if possible no later than 18th March) and the categories available, please contact Yvonne on 0747 459751 or email

Erskine’s Tackle World in Cairns is a major sponsor and assists in putting together our amazing prize packages where cash is donated by giving us 2 for 1 so this is a great option.

A guideline is approx
$450-$500 value for Senior
$250-$300 for Junior 6yrs -15yrs  and
$50-$100 for 0 – 5yrs.
This is 100% volunteer operated and your generous support in whatever form is genuinely appreciated.

Executive—Gulf Barramundi Restocking Association


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