Savannah-Way-Green-Trail-logoThe Gulf has an exciting new Responsible Tourism concept, the Savannah Way Green Trail.

This innovative concept is being developed by Solar Futures Australia in partnership with Savannah Way Limited. Solar Futures Australia was established in 2013 to support knowledge sharing activities and drive opportunities in tourism, education and research while improving the awareness of sustainability Solar Power Generation for the North West Queensland Region.

Solar Futures Australia’s Director Lyn Heath has worked in marketing and tourism for over 30 years in North Queensland, most recently as part owner and on-site manager of End of the Road Motel, a Four Star Motel overlooking the Gulf of Carpentaria at Karumba.

The Savannah Way Green trail will be the world’s longest Responsible Tourism Green Trail incorporating Green Energy initiatives and offering visitors sustainable experiences across Northern Australia.

Visitor related businesses and community organisations are invited to join the Savannah Way Green Trail Travel Directory. This identifies sustainable visitor experiences along the Savannah Way from Cairns to Broome, and will be featured on the Savannah Way Green trail website. This website will be promoted through a range of media, social media and corporate partnerships. Businesses in the directory will be undertaking significant conservation initiatives, sustainable land uses, culture and heritage preservation, natural experiences, and include the Green Energy Trail – “Powering the Outback” with a focus on renewable energy.

This initiative targets the growing number of visitors looking for experiences that demonstrate Responsible Tourism. “Simply put, Responsible Tourism is tourism that creates better places for people to live in, and better places to visit” (Cape Town Responsible Tourism Charter).

Included in the directory will be visitor experiences such as:

  • Nature and wildlife experiences including birdwatching hotspots
  • Accommodation / Caravan Parks
  • Agritourism and Farm Stays
  • Council parks, walking trails or cycling tracks
  • Outlets sourcing local food
  • Art, culture and history sites
  • Local Events building communities
  • Ranger or other tours
  • Renewable energy sites
  • Visitor Information Centres
  • Regeneration areas
  • Community groups with visitor experiences
  • National Parks


The Savannah Way Green Trail website will be launched mid-January 2016, and businesses are now asked to contact Lyn Heath for details on inclusion in the directory.

Meanwhile you can visit the Savannah Way Green Trail on social media outlets Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, and look for Responsible Tourism updates in each edition of the Gulf Chronicle.

Lyn Heath


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